Spam Filters and such

I set my spam filter pretty high -- not all the way to max, but up there, because, with a (very) public email address, I easily get 2-300 messages a day some days. I religiously check my spam folder 2-3 times a day before deleting, but I'm scanning for "names I know", and if I don't know your name, I'm not going to notice you've gone into spam, right?

What made me think of this is that I recently emailed someone with a clear "internet pseudonym" at their Last Known Public address, and I started to get frustrated that I hadn't heard anything back. And then I thought, well damn, maybe it got trapped in spam and I never knew because I don't know the person's real name (I'm only seeing names in my list, not titles -- life is, actually, too short to do it any other way)

Anyway, the upshot is, if you sent me an email, and I didn't respond at all, maybe give the store a call at 415-863-9258 and leave a message (if I'm not there) with your name and "Hibbs said so on the internet, which I know sounds crazy, but is true", then send me another email 24 hours later, and I'll know to be looking for your actual real name within the spam folder.