If I (you) had a million (200) dollars I'd (You'd) buy...?

So, as my "give it all away" enterprise has continued I've started to run dangerously low on single issues of "all ages" material for the shop.  I've done my good deed, internet.  I think it's "me time." Still, continuing in the spirit of "paring down" I made another drastic decision.

In short, I "sold" the following GN's, Trades, and what have you's:

Essential Spider-Man 4

WildCATS Gang War

Green Lantern: Emerald Twilight

Planetary Collections 1,2,3 and Crossing Worlds

Hellboy: Right Hand of Doom

GI Joe: Cobra

Usagi Yojimbo Collections 2,3,4,6,7 and "Shades of Death"

Formerly Known as the Justice League

Criminal: Lawless

Two Fisted Tales

X-Men Vignettes 1,2

Captain America: Red Menace 1 and 2 - Rebirth - War and Remembrance - Winter Soldier 1 and 2

Sin City Big Fat Kill and A Dame to Kill For

Invisibles 1,2

Daredevil: Born Again

JLA: Justice for All and World War III

Solar: Man of the Atom (Alpha & Omega)

Eternals 1 and 2

LOEG Black Dossier and 1910

Uncanny X-Men: Ashes

X-Force: The Final Chapter and X-Statix: Good Guys and Bad Guys

The Sentry

Batman and the Monster Men

Arkham Asylum

Batman Chronicles 2

Ultimates 1 and 2 and Ultimates 2 1 and 2

Essential X-Men 1 and 3

Stormwatch: Change or Die

The Authority: Relentless and Under New Management

Sandman: Endless Nights

In the final analysis it was like 60 GN's and trades which, rather generously imo, turned into almost $200 store credit.

So, my question is - dear readers - what do I spend it on?

Nothing is off the table - Since I'm not actually exchanging cash I might even convince myself to utilize paragraph 10 subsection 37 of the Jazzy Jeff Lester Marvel boycott provisions and snag some NEW Marvel material.

Have at it, gang.  I'm really curious to see what you want ME to see.

Thanks again!