And We Love You, So Come On, Come On, Come On (Ask Us Questions, I Mean)

Dear Wait, What? listeners, The problem with real life is that, when a friend such as esteemed co-host and editor and all-round-Mr.-Good-Guy Jeff Lester asks you to put up a post on Savage Critics so that everyone can leave comments that are actually questions for you to answer on the next episode of your podcast, and when you say "Sure, I can do that!", several million other things will suddenly need to be done, and then it's the end of the next day and you still haven't posted said post and find yourself overwhelmed - overwhelmed, I say - by guilt.

Nevertheless: Jeff and I are going to be recording the next episode on Thursday, so you have until lunchtime Thursday (Pacific, for those who care about timezones) to leave questions for us to answer/ignore/try to answer and then get sidetracked and talk about something else instead/a mixture of any of the previous possibilities in the comments. Please be kind, and if you can't be kind, at least push the meanness in the direction of someone who deserves it, like Magneto or someone (Yeah, like anyone is buying that "reformed" schtick, Magneto...).



P.S., If you came here looking for the latest podcast, scroll down.