Comix Experience ONOMATOPOEIA #200!

This is IT, TRUE BELIEVERS! The BIGGEST CEO in years, as both Jeff Lester and Graeme McMillan pen new "Fanboy Rampage" columns! Plus all of the usual writeups of UPCOMING comics that you've come to KNOW and LOVE! Who says this isn't the Comix Experience Continuum of Comics, EFFENDI?!?!

Plus everything is in frankly surprising COLOR!

This is a LIMITED TIME offer, however -- download it before September 7th -- you can find the CEO by clicking here, and the associated Sub Form here.

[UPDATE: Hey, Jeff here.  Apparently, there was a problem with YouSendIt so I'm going to try something different and host the form and CEO via Dropbox (in no small measure because Graeme's column for the newsletter cracked me up...and because I'd also like my contribution to be out there).

So you can get the CEO by clicking here (not small; it's 9,554kb) and the associated Sub Form here (much smaller at 984kb).  If you have any problems, let us know in the comments, yes?]


CEO #199 available

Comix Experience ONOMATOPOEIA #199 -- In full color, until August 12, 2012, follow the bouncing links: For CEO: TEhVUGhlUzcwZ2swTWRVag


For the associated Sub Form:

Next month? Issue #200, and (in theory) new feature articles by Graeme and Jeff!



Warning: approaching the 21st century, in fits and starts

So, as some of you will recall, we do (at Comix Experience) a monthly newsletter called ONOMATOPOEIA.

For a really really long time I've had people asking me when it would be available on teh intarwub, and while what I think most of them are envisioning is something more akin to an interactive order form so they can be paperless, I'm strongly suspecting that that is way way beyond my level of technical/trainable skill and/or budget, relative to the number of people who might actually do something with it.

When Mark Richman installed MOBY at the store, he also installed something called CutePDF, which puts "make a .PDF" as one of my options in any print dialogue box. Wowsers, that makes it dumbly trivial for me to put these up on the web doesn't it?

Kate McMillan talked me through the (really simple once you understand what you're looking at) act of uploading these PDFs to the site. Since I'm using Firefox, she pointed me towards FireFTP which puts the whole process in my browser window, and means the entire process, from start-to-finish, including making the .PDF is like 7 minutes.

So, yeah, I can do that.

Right now you can go to to find a .PDF of COMIX EXPERIENCE ONOMATOPOEIA #140 (for books shipping in November 2007). You can also find a copy of the subform that would normally be inserted into a CEO.

(the latter is almost certainly of no use to 99% of you)

Actually, I have to say that CE #140 is probably not a very representative issue -- because of the new POS, and Diamond getting us the photocopy of PREVIEWS really really late, it is only 8 pages instead of the usual 12.

I'm at home, so I don't have access to the two previous issues (since I started doing them at the store, now that I have a computer there) so, hrm, let me also throw up a copy of CEO #136, the issue for July 2007 shipping books. Since most of that has shipped, you can see how close we got it. 136 also has one of Lester's final "Fanboy Rampages", as well as one of Peter Wong's "Lost in Pictopias". That's probably closer to a "representative" issue.

I'll try to remember to give you notice of when each month's new issue is up, but otherwise you can check that link monthly to see when it is up (should be within a day or two of PREVIEWS going on sale)

I'm sure we're all curious as to what you think (if anything, other than "wow, Brian's layout skillz kinda suck, don't they?")