OSU Marching Band gets right in 105 seconds what Zach Snyder, David Goyer, Chris Nolan and a 225 million budget couldn't figure out in 2 1/2 Hours.

I know I promised Prophet but take a few minutes to watch and I guarantee heart growth commensurate to The Grinch on Christmas. Anywho, The Best Damn Band in The Land made their Oscar case a little early this year by delivering a Hollywood extravaganza at halftime of the Penn State game.



The trauma of Man of Steel is that for a second I FULLY expected Superman to fly through that building of band members and shatter it into hundreds of falling / uniformed pieces / corpses.

I should have known that a flipping marching band would be able to better see the soul of a creation than those who've made careers out of exploiting someone else's better ideas.