The New TILTING is up!

Personally, I think I did a really good job this month. You can judge for yourself, by going here.

Dirk Deppey calls the beginning A "feelgood throat-clearing", and I know why he does, but, honestly, a lot of that is the great feelings that Ben's school instills in me for the Future and America.

Like I JUST got back this morning from the school, and Jazz musician Marcus Shelby (who is one of the "Artists in Residence" there) just performed a concert for the kids. In between songs he talked about Obama's presidency, and MLK and Rosa Parks, and all of the first graders and Kinders got up to sing "We Shall Overcome", and I had a genuine lump in my throat.

It is easy to be cynical; but I'm trying to live for Hope these days...

Anyway, go read the column, lemme know what you think!!