Books of 8/11

Yeah, yeah, I know, I left the comics hanging. But, somehow this week, even *I* didn't care what I thought of AQUAMAN and EMMA FROST and SOULFIRE. So I'm going to skip the rest of the comics. On to the books to clear the table for the 8/18 comics. NEW X-MEN V 3 HC: The last big Grant Morrison book, all pretty and larger, and all in all a great deal.

ESPER UNDERTOW: I fondly remembered this story, but it didn't hold up nearly as well as I recalled. It's almost kinda quaint. Still, I'm keeping my copy.

SUPERMAN ADVENTURES v1 & 2 DIGEST: Mark Millar's Superman stories. Some are good, others are great, though I don't like the format very much personally. They kinda look cheap.

FLIGHT GN: The belle of San Diego, and it's worth the buzz -- the rare anthology that works all of the way through.

JIMBO IN PURGATORY: Uh, wow, that's pretty Large, ain't it? There's nowhere on any shelf that I have that this would fit, so on the store's floor, it sits.

JLA / AVENGERS: THE FANGASM HC: OK, so that's not what it is actually called.... but it should be. The book of extras is kinda fun, tracing the live(s) of this project, including the 22 pages already penciled at full size -- plus it's copiously anecdoted about who is where doing what to whom. Obsessively, maybe. That's all very very cool -- but the main event here really is the crossover itself, which looks 10x better at this size. Man, do those pages look fucking a#1 terrific, or what? Seventy-five dollars, shmeventy-five dollars, if you like Perez's art, if you like DC or Marvel, then you'll have a fangasm all over this book. Easily the recommended book of the week.