Over/Under: The "Death of the DM"

Every day, in thread after thread after thread I see people declaring the DM is "dying", that "print is done" and so on and so forth. Now I, for one, don't think PRINT will every fully cease, ever, but I'm willing to entertain the possibility that the "Direct Market" might one day be done.

So, let's have your prediction of the date that... hm, how to define it? The week that Diamond ships it's last weekly comics shipment that includes periodical "floppy" (*shudder*) comic books from at least five distinct publishers, maybe?

You're so sure of yourselves, here, try to pin a date on it: "winner" gets bragging rights.

If your date comes and goes, however, you have to promise to shut up on the topic forever afterwards, OK (because I remember people saying in 1985 that there was no chance comics had more than 10 years left in them...)

So: your prediction?