A Perfect Holiday: Jeff Pulls a Bait & Linkdump.

Ooo, so far behind. On my comics reading, on my comics Internet reading, on my writing, you name it.

But! I did think I'd pass along two links that made my morning a little merrier.

They're behind the link, just because the images might be big enough to screw up the template...

I'm sure you already know--and have known since February--that Paul Grist has been serializing his Eternal Warrior comic online. I found out about over the weekend thanks to an old post on Shane Oakley's blog. There's about 28 pages there, which puts some meat on its bones, and it's fun looking at Grist take Moorcock ideas and Barry Windsor-Smith visuals and make them his own. And, of course, his compositional sense in black and white just always kinda knocks me back.

I'm not a torrenter in any sense of the word, which is why I'm always grateful when someone gets something like this out into the open air of the Web for however long: you can find a file containing pages from the first two issues of the infamous Air Pirates underground comics here. Yes, there's some Disney characters screwing, but I've been in awe of both Dan O'Neill and Bobby London forever and watching them (and Gary Hallgren! whose name was not on my radar at all) tear shit up was 100% delightful for me. I'm sure it's just my grumpy old man trick knee/fake nostalgia acting up, but this stuff seems to me 100% more loving and reverent of Disney material than the cookie-cutter corporate approved imagery we see nowadays. Maybe that's why some of the layouts right out of Krazy Kat fit in so well: The Air Pirates were tossing bricks, for sure, but they thrown with love. I'm incredibly grateful to Alan over at Poor Mojo's Newswire for bringing the link to my attention.