Ah! Back for a minute at least!

So, look, we're REALLY sorry for the yo-yo on the site (it goes up, it goes down).  As far as I can tell we got hacked at some point and each attempt we've made of clearing out the databases for whatever malicious thing that is there keeps undoing itself, so we're clearly missing something.  I am already several hundred dollars in the hole in trying to fix this on previous occasions, so I am thinking that we maybe have to give up on wordpress, and figure something else out, or otherwise reset the existing site in some fashion, but what I'm trying not to do is pour more money into what has never actually been a profitable website! My special apologies to John K (UK) and Abhay Kholsa who are all kinds of wonderful for putting up with my lack of communication (usually because I don't know what's actually going on!!!).  John, especially, more or less single-handedly keeps this thing running while I've been distracted by other things.

I want to keep the site up, and I especially 100% want to preserve the YEARS of posting here, because, y'know, there's almost no legacy left of the "early" comics internet!  If there's someone out there who really strongly knows wordpress and how to de-hack us (like, we couldn't even set up a redirect page to say "we know there's a problem, we're trying to fix it!" because the site is somehow generating its own redirects to seemingly random-ass websites), AND can do it for cheap (ha!), please get in touch with me.  I'd prefer to stay here than deal with the hassle of a migration, I think?

Either way, we ARE aware of the problems, and we ARE trying to fix it; I believe that by February '17 we'll get this fixed, either by fixing it here, or by migrating somewhere else.  I have Top Men on it. Top Men. In the meantime, we're back in business for the moment, at least until we get taken down again -- John K might even start posting stuff again?

Thanks for continuing coming here!!!!