Wha'chu wha'chu wha'chu want? (wha'chu want?)

So, and I'd very much like you to take the 3 minutes to register an opinion here, hows this "daily content" thing working for you? Are you checking us every day? Were you, anyway, even when we updated once a week? Are you still coming just 1x a week, and soaking in it? Would you rather we do a score of books each with short short entries, or do you like the smaller # of titles but a bit more in depth reviews that we've been experimenting with? Another question: we're thinking of trying to figure out a way to make this make a little money so everyone gets paid for their time (less me, then Graeme and Jeff, really -- they really SHOULD get paid for their content), which might be dunno, banner ads or something. We've been fully ad free (except for the ones Haloscan rips us for) from the beginning, but do you give a damn at all? Does it change your feelings about the blog? If we had a blinking strip of banners on the top or the bottom or the side, would you change your reading habits of our Savageness?

Inquiring minds want to know!