Those ad boxes

I'm kinda stupid sometimes about the internet, and we're still figuring out how things work, so it looks like we blew it in getting how Project Wonderful functions -- we got 34 (!) bids for the ad space, but when we looked at it, we didn't understand that the bids were blind and that all we saw was $0.00 bidded, and we passed on all of them. Stupid me! So... if you tried to bid on the space before, try it again, I now have the slightest idea of what I'm doing! (but, really, just the slightest so far)

Thanks to Bill from Lone Star Press for clueing me in on what I was seeing, and you SHOULD be seeing his ad on the side for the next day or so. Go take a look at his Bill Mantlo tribute book as minor thanks for setting me straight.