The X-Mas Experiment: Tell Jeff What to Write in December...

Howdy. I've been thinking: my December is looking pretty open at the moment, and I thought it might be fun to sort of dig my heels in and post a little more frequently to the site, since I've been posting so infrequently here for the last few months. But I'm really torn on what to write, and thought you could help.

Even before some commentators mentioned it in threads, I'd been thinking the site hasn't had as much old-school "here's reviews of the 20 to 30 books I read this week" entries as we once had. I thought it might be fun to do that for December, despite my reservations that: (a) I don't work at CE any more, which means I'd have to set aside a chunk of time during my week to read all them damn funnybooks; and (b) I'm so behind on my reading of singles (even on books I follow!), the results could come off as pathetically out-of-touch.

Alternately, I could write longer reviews, one or two a week, of the stuff I have been reading lately--mostly manga, but a few other things as well. This is the stuff I should really be doing anyway, but haven't in many cases because I've been too lazy to shape my thoughts beyond the "Ugh, Jeff like!" stages.

Or I could try my hand at writing something more like a personal essay, something not unlike my response to Abhay's review of Dr. 13. I'm a little worried about this option, because the call-and-response nature of the earlier essay made it much easier to structure. Also, looking back at that essay, I realize I may have used up every unique theory about comics and their readers I ever developed. Because I'm really not sure how to tackle this angle, there might be only two (or three?) of them during the course of the month.

Finally, I could do nothing. After all, the revamped site seems to be picking up its second wind with some strong (and strongly challenged) reviews, and more comment threads turning into actual discussions. And December frequently looks low-key going into it, before it catches your sleeve in its gears--giving you just a split-second to realize how goddam fast everything's going--and spits out what's left of you on January 1st.

So, to recycle that terrible phrase, U-Decide! Should I:

(a) do weekly capsule reviews of the books on the stands; (b) do reviews of stuff I'm reading currently, once or twice a week; (c) do a longer comics-related essay or two; or (d) do nothing, as the site is producing plenty of content anyway?

Please lemme know yr. thoughts on the matter, either in the comments below or by dropping me a line at pig[DOOT]latin[ATT]gmail[DOOT]com.