The RSS feed thing

I'll be completely honest with you: I know just about nothing about some of the backstagey bits of this site. I've never used a RSS feed in my life and don't really "get" it, because I'm a bitter old curmudgeon.

I only kind of understand how "hits" work, or advertising costs on the web, or any of that stuff -- I don't think I've looked a refer log in something like 5 years, and, while I have permissions to go get our metric information, I never really bother, because I'm more interested in the content than all of that stuff, y'know?

Anyway, long and short, yeah, Kate changed the way the RSS feeds work with the Savage Critic site, and she did it when the new gang came in (and aren't they all doing a great job already? Though... where's Eckert?!?!?), and it was done to try and get our hits up a bit in what I take to be a non-evil way.

We're going to take a look at traffic over the next few weeks, and see what happens with this new scheme, and the new writers, and see how things go. This may or may not be a permanent change, I dunno, but we're going to try it and see what happens.

Feel free to use the comments thread to voice your support or annoyance, but, honestly, you can stop emailing me. What I will say is that any such changes we make like this are aimed at paying the contributors more money for their efforts, and nothing more.