Thanks for Lunch!!!!

So, the first weeks results of Jeff's "telethon" pitch to you to contribute to the SAVAGE CRITICS is in, and we've taken in a little over $250. Hooray!

Everyone writing for the site gets a nice lunch out of it, while I get a portion of my expenses back.

I'd like to personally thank the 47 of you that have contributed, but I'm just a little lazy, so I'm going to cut and paste. Here's everyone who donated, in, er, alphabetical order by first name....

Alex Chylinski Brendan Cahill Brian Duffy Brian Linnen Chiron Mukherjee Christopher Ritter Cynthia McShane Drew Bell James Woodward Jason Wyckoff Jeremy Kahn John McInnes Jonathan Kline Jury Rigged Comics Marc Anderson Marcel Martinez Mark Bender Mark David Parsons Mark von Minden Matt Bucher Matthew Brady Matthew Ciccarelli Matthew Vergin Max Smith Megaflow Graphics Michael Reyes Morgan Johnson Paul DesCombaz Pulp Fiction Ralph Mathieu (Our BIG SPENDER, for $52... or $1 a week!) Richard Jones Robert DiManna ROBERT GHIORZI Ryan Bonneville Samuel Phillips Scott Davis Sean Phillips Southside Press Stephen Hickman Steven Dandois Steven Darrall Timothy Bumpus Timothy Price Tobias Carroll Two Headed Cat Wilhelm Lang William Jennings


The PayPal button is still over there off to the side, so please feel free to donate as the mood strikes you. Paid bloggers are happier, more productive bloggers (at least I think so!)

The only thing I'll add is, PayPal charges 33 cents in fees on the FIRST dollar, so it ends up that $2 or more donations are probably a better idea...

Again, thank you to everyone who donated some money -- it is REALLY appreciated!