Super Synergistic Internet Machine...Go!

Jeff here. I took a week off from reviews so I could focus on the CE newsletter this week, but hope to get back to the task this weekend. Wanted draw your attention to Bri's latest Tilting At Windmills, now posted over at Newsarama. As always, sharp and topical work which I found particularly satisfying after all the time I spent this week trying to figure out what to say about Infinite Crisis #1.

Also, I'm very pleased that Tom Spurgeon used a suggestion of mine for his excellent Five For Fridays at the Comics Reporter, asking readers to list five books loaned or lost and never returned/recovered. (I know I'm not the only person still haunted in the dead of night by loaning a then-complete set of Eightball to a flaky guy in L.A. who never returned them and then went on to briefly become an MTV VJ.) I've got a whole day at the comic store where I'll be able to compile my ultimate list of regrets, but be sure to email Tom your tales of woe as well.