Meaning To Do This For the Longest Time...

Since Graeme and/or Brian haven't posted yet, thought I'd take a second and point out that I updated the links. This is something we really should do more often, but don't because I always feel like it's something Brian should do, and I have no doubt Brian feels it's something I should do. Anyway, I finally added Paul O'Brien's The X-Axis which is absurdly overdue: there are weeks where reading Paul's reviews is the incentive I use to finish my own.

I started reading Christopher Butcher's only recently to fill the hole left by Graeme's Fanboy Rampage and am hooked. There's just tons and tons of great information on the site, and his list of recommended manga hit me at just the right time.

Finally, Jog's comics blog is another one that's been linked everywhere and I only got around to checking out recently. But, my god, that Golgo 13 essay! Exhaustive in nearly all senses of the word, it took my love for the ellipsis-muttering assassin and helped raise it to a new level.

And now I can just click on them from our sidebar. It's a beautiful thing.