OK, I've learned something very important about Blogger. If you're selecting text in a window using the shift key (Say, to make a copy) , and the post is many pages long, and you're going from the bottom to the top, if you go "too far" (that is you're still using the up arrow past the top of the post), all of your text will go bye bye leaving you with nothing. That's TWICE I've done this now in one day -- the first time taking more than an hour to write a long long essay about IDENTITY CRISIS #3, the second time doing it in about 40 minutes.... and I lost it both times.

F. U. C. K.

So, I give up, clearly the universe doesn't want this published yet, there's no way I'm going to write it a third time. Maybe I'll try again around when #4 is released.

I'll be back with more one sentence reviews SINCE THAT'S CLEARLY WHAT THE UNIVERSE WANTS FROM ME, THE FUCKER later.