How Do You Surf, and How Much Content Do You Demand?

Here's the other thing I'm wondering -- how fucking obligated should we feel about trying to have SOME content up here every day. Jeff and I have both discussed how weird and uncomfortable we feel when we go *gasp* 48 consecutive hours without one of us saying something. I don't want to start posting BlogShit ("Woke up late. Ate cornflakes, then brushed teeth...."), and I don't have anything remotely like the time to actually write a Rant Of The Day. I mean, notice I STILL haven't done the Deppey/NuMarvel piece I threatened ("I'll wait for the second half!" I rationalized), nor have I said anything public about Rozanski's latest Tales From The Database, which just flatout begs a response from someone who isn't the #4-or-so largest Diamond account (I think I might append it to the next Tilting at Windmills, actually) -- but what I just don't know is What You Want.

Basically, are we updated frequently enough (even if we go 2 days at a time with radio silence), or, because we don't update daily are we on your Secondary or even Tertiary "Surfing Habits"?

I mean, I know that I like my overall bookmark list to be kinda short (I have 34 [!] links saved, as of this moment!), so I only have Heidi and Graham bookmarked, and I hit everyone else either through the blogosphere page -- and people who don't update frequently don't get visited frequently. So, how do you surf? What kind of frequency of content do you need? Does quality over quantity count at all?

Or do you want me to breathlessly blog that yesterday both Robin Williams and Lauren McCubbin came in? (Because, y'know, I'm not sure I want to write that blog?)

Just wondering what you want, is all....

(and because I wrote this, I didn't write up any of this week's comics... eternally behind)