Back (sorta, kinda)

Well, my computer is back from Florida, which is the good news. But the bad news is that they decided it would be a clever idea to reformat the hard drive without bothering to tell me.

This, despite asking on two separate occasions whether the HD would be safe and protected (I suspect I actually worded it to ask if the HD was physically OK... but, damn, you'd think they'd double plus underline that reformatting is SOP there)

So, while I'm "back", I have about a week's worth of data (re)entry in front of me to recover everything from the first of the year on, which makes Brian a very sad man.

At least I have my address book back now -- that only took me 90 minutes of typing!

Anyway, back to data entry for me -- HOPEfully I'll be Criticing next week... but I wouldn't count on it, really. (I've got to write a Tilting during then, too, sheesh!)