A Big Head's-Up, or A Big-Head is Up?

Howdy, everyone. Jeff here with a quick bit of non-Savage shilling. I just put up eighteen or so old Fanboy Rampage columns covering a span ranging from two years ago to published just last month. If you're waiting for Brian to make with the Critic-ing, and you want some cheap Fanboy laffs, there's Alan Moore's turn on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, excerpts from Grant Morrison in Conversation, the second season of The Apprentice with Lex Luthor, and, as they almost always say, much, much more. It's not a complete archive--I've got about twenty to twenty-five columns to hunt up and/or convert--which means you still have to go to The Fourth Rail to read "The Fish Story," (which drives Hibbs nuts), but it's still a pretty good sampling of the free funny CE customers get every month in our newsletter, Onomatopoeia.

Okay, now I have to get my butt to the store to sell some quality funny books. I return you to regularly scheduled Hibbness.