Arrived 10/4/2011

The "arriving" lists are what I'm getting from DIAMOND, but I've been doing an increasing amount of business with Baker & Taylor -- because they're delivering books faster, cheaper, AND returnable. Like this week, I'm getting seventeen TPs through B&T, some of them pretty major. To whit:  

Best American Comics 2011 HC Do it Yourself Doodler Good Neighbors v3: Kind TP Granpa Won't Wake Up HC Happiness is a Warm Blanket SC Irredeemable v7 TP John Stanley Library Nancy HC v3 Korgi v3 Marvel Comics in the 1970s SC Metamaus HC Monster Christmas HC Post-It Notes Diaries SC Pure Pajamas HC Star Gazing Dog GN Troop 142 Walking Dead Chronicles SC Zombie Tales Omnibus: Outbreak


Anything look good to YOU?