Turning it off: Hibbs is done with HEROES

Oh, I know I should have done it before -- really, at the end of the first season -- but I've finally deleted HEROES from my DVR recording schedule.

Oddly, it wasn't the inanity of the plots: between this week's scenes of the "bad ass" fed trying to turn super-powered people into suicide bombers (Ut? why would anyone, anywhere, draw a line between an explosives vest and the powers?), and the Sylar-finds-his-dad-then-doesn't-DO-anything, I would certainly have been justified.

No, it is the comics shop scenes.

I let the first one pass without comment ("Oog! A Gurl!?!? We don't get any of those in here!") because I was hoping it was a momentary lack of reason, and it would never be mentioned again, but this week they decided that Claire should work at the comics store, and they packed it full of sweaty nervous uber-geeks, panting and drooling over her.

To quote my sainted Irish mother: Nigga, PLEASE!

I've been in a whole god-damn lot of comics shops in my life, and, sure, there have been a few monumentally shitty ones, but the overwhelming majority of what I've seen have been locations that were open and inviting to all people of any shape size creed color or sex.

Here's the thing that really gets me: as an LA-produced show, the staff of HEROES has no shortage of excellent comics shops. Just off the top of my head: Earth-2, Meltdown, Golden Apple, Secret Headquarters, Brave New Worlds -- these are all world-class stores run by world-class retailers.

I'm going to assume that the HEROES staff shops at some of these stores, which makes this decision even more head-scratchingly fucked up.

I'd probably be a lousy comics shop in LA because I have a low-bullshit threshold, but I have got to say that if it was MY store that the staff was shopping in, I'd be telling them this week to take their business somewhere else.

You don't shit where you eat, you don't bite the hand that feeds you, and you don't insult your core constituency.

So, on behalf of every comics store that gives a fuck, that tries hard to be clean and diverse, that actively seeks to appeal to any person that walks in off the street: fuck you HEROES.

Fuck you very much.