To Have and To Hold: Hibbs on The Wedding

GREEN ARROW AND BLACK CANARY WEDDING SPECIAL: It takes THREE different specials to get there (two of them oversized at $3.99), as well as an issue of COUNTDOWN, but what drove me more crazy than the last 4 pages is that we never actually get to see the wedding itself... except in a photograph. *sigh* As for the last 4 pages, it seems pretty unlikely that's how they've going to leave it, given the monthly comic coming up (BC *can't* carry a solo comic, and Connor probably can't either), so this is probably false jeopardy, but it is so completely left field both from the light and breezy tone of the earlier pages, but also from the "where did that come from?!?" POV. I went looking back through the pages hoping for some sort of clue as to why that happened, and there's just nothing...though there's a background gag over three pages of whom I think is Flash villain Girder goosing Power Girl, and getting his "nuts" ("ha ha") smashed for it.

Amanda Connor's art is just lovely -- being "cute and charming" at the same time as easily handling the requisite superhero smackdown; and Judd's script is basically fine... but I just don't see why they ended the thing on such an ugly, sour note.

And why they didn't show the wedding itself!

This issue careens widely from GOOD to AWFUL, and because that last grade is the taste it left in my mouth, that's where I'm going to leave it.

What did YOU think?