They Have A Plan, I Don't: Graeme likes some TV comic for a change from 10/31

Maybe it's just been because the show's been off the air for awhile, or maybe my sinus infection has seeped into my quality control filters, but I have to admit that BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: PEGASUS is definitely the most successful of the BSG comics to date. A lot of this comes down to the artwork by Jonathan Lau, which manages to avoid the static likeness-driven nature of the current Battlestar Galactica: Season Zero series while also managing to have the characters look something like their television counterparts (unlike Nigel Raynor's art from Dynamite's first series); it manages to work as a comic, for a change, while also evoking the familiarity of the show.

The story is also surprisingly strong; weirdly enough, the plot begins in almost entirely the same place as the first two issues of the Season Zero series (Battlestar gets sent to recover other, missing, Battlestar which disappeared on a secret mission having run into cylons), but the execution here is more interesting - perhaps because, with its bleaker outcome, it doesn't feel so much like a Star Trek episode - if more rushed. The character work is fairly non-existant, with the exception of Commander Cain, which seems fitting considering the way that the Pegasus storyline eventually played out; that said, there's some nice foreshadowing in Cain's reaction to the dead colonials discovered, and done in an understated way that fits the fairly bleak source material.

Overall, it's Good work, and a good tease for the upcoming Battlestar Galactica Origins series by the same creative team. Now, why the world needs a "Season Zero" and an "Origins" series, that's another question, but still: This is a nice enough way to get ready for the Razor TV movie...