The Weak, Book and Week for 10/13

So, since I'm still getting my computer's house in order, and since I had the new TILTING AT WINDMILLS up at Newsrama, and since I got into it in a few threads (also at Image Comics' BBS) and since Jeff's on Vacation so that means I have to solo ONOMATOPOEIA (even if it is only 8 pages this month), so that means no full length Critic last week. Wah. I figure the least I can do is sort through the Picks and the Books.

So, Pick of the Week: Not the greatest week in the world, really -- many things in my personal in-box disappointed me from the ASTRO CITY A VISITORS GUIDE (I don't much care for the Who's Who portion of the content, though it was laid out intelligently as a nice mimic for the type of guidebook it emulates) to SECRET WAR #3 (Huh, jumping all over the narrative might not be the best trick for a quarterly mini-series), so the best thing I think I read this week was POWERS #5. Felt like an "old-school" issue of Powers.

I also kinda want to give it to THE COMICS JOURNAL #263, excpet that's not a comic. I really like TCJ under Deppey, and this might have been the first issue where I read 90% of the pages in a lonnnng time.

Pick of the Weak: Much easier, the work that disapointed me the most was SUPERMAN: TRUE BRIT HC. Really really not funny, nor worth the $25 price tag. Wow, a stunning indictment of the British Tabloid press, both a hard target, and just what we're looking for. *le sigh*

The TP/GN of the week is a much trickier thing... lots of good choices like HARD TIME, or the complete ULTIMATES V 1 HC, even MY FAITH IN FRANKIE (except I hate the digest format), but I think I'm going to give it to the nice thick LOCAS HC. That's a real value right there.

Hopefully (though I doubt it) a full column next week...