Oh man, what a plan: Graeme reads some Dynamite books.

Another day of insecurity in the McMillan household started with the cat being sick again, much in the same manner as she was back the last time I told you all about my feline troubles, so we've more or less spent the last few hours anxiously checking in with her to see if she's given up with the hairball vomiting yet. Thank whatever deity you choose to believe in that there's always the escapism offered by comics, that's what I always say.

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: CYLON APOCALYPSE #3: I don't get this series - or, for that matter, any series that's based on the original TV show instead of the new one. I mean, no matter how good it is or how true to the show (and this is both not that bad and pretty much how I remember the show, including characters with the dated 70s mustache), it just doesn't feel as if it's going to appeal to anyone other than the hardcore fans of the old TV show, which was never the most original or even that interesting thing in the first place. So, Okay if you like that kind of thing, I guess.

THE LONE RANGER #1 - 5: After I enjoyed the Free Comic Book Day preview, I ended up reading the first five issues of the revival of one of my dad's favorite fictional characters in one go, and two things came to mind. Firstly, it's Good stuff. Secondly, if I hadn't read them all at once, I'm not sure that I'd've had the patience to follow through the story - This is slow going stuff, but very satisfying in larger chunks; it's pretty much a drawn-out origin story, but an enjoyable one - Writer Brett Matthews shows off his Whedon-pedigree in the dialogue, and artist Sergio Cariello offers a classic line reminiscent of Kubert and Russ Heath - that's going to make the inevitable collection worth picking up even if you generally don't enjoy westerns, like me, even if you're not willing to hang around for the single issues.

RED SONJA: VACANT SHELL: Good Lord, but it's a Sonja comic that I actually dug. A lot of that is actually down to Paul Renaud's clear and confident artwork (with coloring by Renaud himself and Chris Chuckry) that's like Adam Hughes and Frank Cho mixed together, but even the nicest cheesecake art has to be in the service of a good story, so more credit is probably due to Rick Remender, who provides a pulpy and appropriately violent amount of monster-vanquishing and sword-swinging. It's entirely unlikely to change anyone's life, but it finally made me see that there's occasionally something to the whole redhead-in-a-metal-bikini-who-wants-to-fight-everyone thing, and that makes it a low Good in and of itself, unlike...

XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS #1: If I admit that I've never seen an episode of this show, not Hercules. Maybe that's why I don't get a lot out of this, nor understand the explanation of just why Xena is evil these days... For fans of Lucy Lawless, this is probably better than the Eh it is for me. For those who never saw the show? Best avoid, but it's pretty unlikely that you'd be picking it up in the first place in that case.

Tomorrow: Marvel books! Why did Brian Hibbs tell me to read Nova #2? The answer... may shock you! And probably an update on the cat, too, so as to spare the blushes and fear of you dear readers.