nu52 - wk 3: Tradition!

First off, curse Graeme McMillan for showing me up, and lapping me like that! Scottish Bastich! Batman, GLC, LSH, Nightwing below

BATMAN #1: The darling of all of the critics, it seems, and I don't really get. It was fine, sure, but I liked pretty much everything about BATMAN, INC. much much better. Maybe it's just me. I sorta despaired up front with the Arkham breakout scene (seriously? Is there a bigger cliche in Batman stories right now?) with "Look it's all of Batman's foes, and he can beat them up, ALL AT ONCE!" Why then are any of them now a threat individually? I also found Bruce's plan to be gratingly patronizing, and inherently top-down and likely-to-fail. He should be smarter than that, at this point. I also thought the cliffhanger, while maybe amusing, was pretty internally illogical, considering Dick is starring in his own comics. I don't know, maybe a low GOOD? A high OK? I'm good either way...


GREEN LANTERN CORPS #1: Kind of more of the same, for this book, and one of the very few of the new 52 that, in my store, is only selling about the same, or maybe a little less, as the issue before (LEGION, below, would be the other one, so far) -- I liked the art, though, even if I didn't really need to see the alien internal cross-sections at the top of the issue. I really liked the coloring, especially, with the constructs seeming to have a different weight than everything else. All of the earth-bound stuff was dumb (really, explain why they want ongoing jobs, again?) I thought, overall, it was highly OK.


LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES: Urgle. Staggeringly bad. It even directly mentions Flashpoint. More than, maybe, any other book, this would have really been better with a "year one" kind of direction, rather than really just being #17 of the last series. AWFUL, and I like the Legion.


NIGHTWING #1: This, to me, is so completely unnecessary, because really what they should have done was just de-aged Dick back to being young one-and-only Robin. Instead, we have a Dick without a Titans (so he ultimately can't be the same character now, can he?), and he just staggers back o the only other thing we know about him: the circus. Yawn! I also how BATMAN #1 opens with Bruce beating all of his enemies at once, while the end of NIGHTWING #1 is Dick getting beaten by a super-generic guy with wolverine claws (!). No sir, I did not like it! AWFUL.


Tomorrow (ish): the final week!


As always, what did YOU think?