nu52 - Week 2: Tights

Last one for week 2! Just in time for week three!

LEGION LOST #1: Wow, didn't work on any level. Wretchedly bad, and not clear as to who was what and which was who. The only New 52 book so far that I've actually REDUCED my order for #2, because #1 flopped. It didn't even sell as well as the last regular issue of Levitz's LSH.  AWFUL.


RESURRECTION MAN #1: OK, so maybe not "tights", but I didn't know where else to put this one. Didn't care much, anyway -- very EH, but, then, so was the original series.


SUPERBOY #1: Well, way way better than I could have possibly expected, but still ultimately not something that I'm going to care about too much -- this kind of setup might be good for 4-6 issues, maybe, but I wonder what the actual comic book could possibly be like, like by issue #12. I probably won't be staying along long enough to find out though... OK.


OK, done -- I know I rushed here at the end, but what's to say about stuff you don't care about, so much?


Come back Thursday for the start of week 3!


As always, what did YOU think?