nu52: "...and the rest, here on Gilligan's Isle."

Wrapping up week one, here's the Professor and Mary Anne of the way I chose to survey this: Green Arrow, Hawk & Dove, and JLI. (Seriously, it's 9:30 on Wednesday, and I haven't yet cracked a week 2 book! I'm really wildly behind this week!)

GREEN ARROW #1:  Complete and total reboot here. Absolutely nothing in common, besides name, of the old version. Really, this is confusing! There's a journeyman level of craft going on here, but there's nothing that actually thrilled me, or made me want to read another one ever. Pretty much a perfect definition of an EH comic book.


HAWK & DOVE #1: Meanwhile this is "just" a continuation of the "old" DCU -- with Deadman as Dove's "boyfriend" and everything (which is, like: WHAT?! in the first place) -- this shit really is crazy confusing. I mean, like, without the "old" Green Arrow, then who or what was in forest protecting the tree during Brightest Day, in the first place? Ugh, it makes my head hurt to think about the continuity here.

Maybe not as much as this comic hurt my head, though. Ew. Ugly, rambling, and confusing as heck (I think that was meant to be Kestral on the last page? But since he looks nearly exactly like Hawk, who can be sure? And, like Kestral hasn't been seen in a comic in... 15 years? More?) Either way, I truly thought this one was AWFUL.


JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL: Mm, yeah, that was alright, but nothing exciting; much like STORMWATCH, it's still in "getting to know you" mode, so everyone shuffles in, says their line of dialogue, and moves on. Generic, but competent, once again: EH.


As always: what did YOU think?