November 14 Exhausts Johanna

This is a really busy week, especially for DC books, which means too much to get distracted by. In another week, I might have tried Wonder Girl again, but I had two other comics with the Amazons I expected to like more. (Plus, I'm not interested in either New Gods or the goofy art.) I like Blue Beetle ok, but a "Sinestro Corps War" banner gives me a good excuse to skip this month. I'm looking for reasons not to get comics in order to keep numbers manageable. (This is why publishers should better manage their overall schedules to smooth out weeks, which would be better for readers and retailers, but that seems to be beyond them.)

Captain Marvel #1 -- I don't want to read about a steroid freak with a mullet. Especially one back from the dead, and one known best for his method of death. Too many superheroes already, and too much event escalation. Ignoring death only makes that worse.

X-Factor #25 -- I used to enjoy this series a great deal, and then it became crossover central. Now I don't read it any more. But others do, apparently. Good for them -- I hope they enjoy it as much as I used to.

Nightwing #138 -- Why is he throttling Vampirella in a black costume on the cover? (flip flip) Oh, apparently she's called Dragonfly, and inside, her costume actually has sides. So, artistic exaggeration. Or lack of inspiration.

Batman and the Outsiders #1 -- I used to like this book, back in the 80s, but I'm leery of Chuck Dixon these days, so pass.

Salvation Run #1 -- Why would I want to read a comic about a whole bunch of villains on another planet? The setting makes it much too easy for the writer to pull things out of his pants to take the story in whatever direction he wants. And a bunch of bad people fighting with each other... I get that every night during election season.

No, seriously, why does this book exist? And why would someone want it?

Green Arrow/Black Canary #2 -- I am SUCH a Cliff Chiang fangirl. He can do no wrong, and the regal Hippolyta on the first page of this Themyscira-set issue just confirms it. And the naked Green Arrow trying to escape from his captors is a definite eye-catcher.

Black Canary and ... what's the former-hooker sidekick's name? She's written with Judd Winick's typical subtlety, barely setting foot on the island before she's shouting about her previous profession and her HIV status, insulting her hosts, and causing Black Canary to fight with those who invited her. So I think I'll spend more time on the pictures. The story is obvious when it's not offensive, but it's sure pretty.

Wonder Woman #14 -- Is this Gail Simone's first issue? The DC website says it was last issue, but the way they juggle contents these days, I think it got shifted to this one. Diana winds up adopting some gorilla warriors as houseguests and waxing rhapsodically about cake. I'm most excited by the reintroduction of Lt. Colonel Candy, who's set against Wonder Woman.

This one's an okay read, but the art is typical "let me pause during battle to make sure you can see my butt and breast at the same time" pinup stuff. I would expect nothing else from the Dodsons. Simone and Chiang... I can dream, but until then, I have two books that make me say "but... if only..." instead of one I can adore.

Welcome to Tranquility #12 -- Did you know this was the final issue? I blame the zombies. I liked the "town of old superheroes" concept until that point. I found this installment incoherent, trying to wrap too much together and too many characters to keep track of. But I hadn't been paying attention for previous issues, either. Again, zombies. Don't care.