Not that there's Anything Wrong with that...

Damn, everyone already spoiled my best joke -- yes, indeed, the logo really DOES look like "Justice League: Gay For Justice"

Plus, it has the Mikaal Starman (Gay), Batwoman [soon] (Gay), Congorilla (Maybe not officially, but compared to some of what I saw coming home through the Castro during Pride Weekend, suggestively Gay), Green Lantern & Green Arrow, without the Canary Beard, and Freddy Freeman who, to me, is the Gayest of the Marvel Family.

I guess there isn't anything particularly gay about either Supergirl or The Atom (OR IS THERE?!?!!?)

Anyway, yeah, that was pretty creakingly dialogued, but I thought the art was super-swell, and it had something I miss so so very much: a text feature of "What I'm thinking". I'm willing to add two grades to this JUST for that alone. I mean, the DC books have stopped even doing the "Next Issue:" boxes, even with simply the cover, which, to me at least is the simplest cheapest most effective tool to create excitement for your next issue.

My biggest problem with the issue is that at least two of the characters don't want JUSTICE, they want VENGEANCE, which is a completely different thing altogether. A exploration of the difference between the two could possibly be interesting, but it's really unclear at this point if they're going to explore anything like that at all.

When I put down this issue I thought, "Hey, that was GOOD", but after an hour or two reflecting on it, It's probably really only OK at best.

What did YOU think? (Like you didn't say so in Graeme or Douglas' threads...)