Keeping it daily: the 2 best comics Hibbs read this week

I'm still lagging behind my reading (yeah yeah, shut up), but I HAVE just read two of the best comics I've read all year, and you probably should, too CRIMINAL #5: A great (if horrifically downer) ending to this first arc. Brubaker's on fire lately, and for my money, this is him at his purest. If I had to say something bad about the book, it might be that this issue just felt a little STRAY BULLETS to me. Sean Phillips art is as loverly as ever, and this is just one of the nicest looking packages, of design and backmatter, being released as a periodical comic book in 2007. We'll see if the second arc holds up to the strength of this first, but there's really no reason to think it won't, is there? VERY (very!) GOOD

SHAZAM: MONSTER SoCIETY OF EVIL #2: Oh! My! God! That was astonishingly stellar on almost every level! Tha sequence with Mary zipping around the Big Red Cheese had me laughing out loud, and there's just a sheer exuberant level of fun from every page of this. Not to mention mystery, and suspense, and perilous peril. Hoo-boy, that's what the funny books is 'sposed to be about, and there's no doubt whatsoever that this is EXCELLENT in every way possible.

More tomorrow....