Just For One Day

I generally don't like reading comics on the web, so I read maybe half of the webcomics based on the HEROES television show before my eyes started melting. So, I was pretty happy to see the HEROES HC come out last week -- getting to read these stories in a format that didn't give me a headache, didn't have an interminable wait for them to download, and didn't have car ads plastered all over them was pretty nice.

This might also point to the way to handle the web/print divide -- the HEROES HC is a lovingly-designed book, a "fetish object" if you like, including not only the web comics, but all of the Tim Sale paintings for the series (presented as comics covers), a little smidge of exclusive content (interviews and stuff), and a great design aesthetic that invokes the love of old comics.

Content-wise, some of the material is pretty forgettable -- really, it comes down to how much you want to see Jessica's heist, or Mohinder's getting a job at the cab company, but by the end of the book the stories become longer and delve into stuff that the series can't/won't show. Chief among those are the arc of the "Wireless" character that appeared in maybe three episodes of the show (and disappeared without anyone ever mentioning her again), and the first meeting of Linderman and Petrelli, Sr. None of it is essential, but I found that material pretty engaging, overall.

Curiously, there's an implication that Petrelli, Sr. was "normal", and last night's episode I think strongly implied that Angela Petrelli is the one with powers (she seems to be able to persuade people to do stuff they wouldn't naturally do -- and I think, further, reading between the lines, that she was the reason Petrelli, Sr. committed suicide, actually)

Last night's episode seems to be steering the show close to on track, though I'd sorta be happy if we never see "Capote y Daga" again, really -- they're pretty uninteresting, one-note characters. The big problem for me is What IS "The Company's" motivation and plan, and how are the things they're doing acting in its service? I mean, in season 1, they were hardcore to get Dawnstar, I mean Molly, but in season 2, they seem perfectly happy to leave her with Mohinder and Parkman. Plus, they seem to be acting rather stupid w/r/t to Peter (who should, in fact, have Molly's powers -- he has DL's powers, and DL and Molly were right next to each other in Kirby Plaza). PLus, how does he NOT have the Haitian's powers, too? He clearly has Livewire's powers, despite being "suppressed", and he uses DL's powers without ever seeing DL do his thing. All of this complex mind-fuckery doesn't seem to make a lot of sense to me.

Plus, how DID DL get killed? He phased pretty unconsciously when LA Scumbag tried to punch him... why not the gun? (they probably should have staged it better so Micah was directly behind him -- THAT I would have bought), and howcum Jessica didn't fly out of her box that moment, and eviscerate LA Scumbag?

Why do they care about Claire if Adam is the leader of "The Company", and has the exact same power? Or, for that matter, Peter. Plus, why didn't Peter's double dose of regen kick in until Adam told him to? Why does no one suspect the Haitian is a double agent? I mean, really? Where did the box come from, either way?

Anyway, none of that has anything to do with the reason I started writing this -- the HEROES HC is a really pretty book, with several incredibly well illustrated chapters (as well as several horrible ones), that adds just enough to the mythos to be worth the price of purchase. The real star here, however, is the elegant design. which made me really happy. A really really strong OK, from this reader.

Hm, I wonder if there are any Season 2 comics up?

What did YOU think?