Jeff Ducks Out--Mea Culpa for the Nov. 23 Books...

Good Thanksgiving for everyone, I hope? Mine was great until the food poisoning kicked in--I was the only one affected, praying for death to strike me as my insides staged their own fierce rebellion inspired by a charismatically undercooked piece of fish. In other exciting news, I am five thousand words shy of my fifty thousand word deadline and my craptacular novel is so incredibly dull, I might as well be typing a cookbook or a self-help book (How to Win Friends and Influence The Small Intestine).

Also, chewable Pepto-Bismol tastes like Double Bubble bubble gum. And turns your tongue black.

So, sadly, I must take a pass on reviewing any books during Thanksgiving week. There was some good stuff this week, but it's up to MC Hibbs or MC McMillan (or MC MC as I call him) rock the mic this time around.

My Pick of the Week? SEVEN SOLDIERS FRANKENSTEIN #1 was deeply, deeply odd, a strange cross between an old Steve Gerber comic and KILL YOUR BOYFRIEND and I really liked that. Plus, the more out-of-control Morrison's captions get, the happier I am. But, technically, SHE-HULK 2 #2 is the "better" book, with a story that's both fun and formalistically satisfying. Get 'em both.

Pick of the Weak? It wasn't the worst book out, but I thought WALKING DEAD #24 was easily the most disappointing. I can't tell if Kirkman is in too much of a rush to hit his retailer-screwing deadlines, or if his original notes really called for a splash page explanation of the series title as the big climax but I hurt my head rolling my eyes so hard. Calling this issue overwrought is being kind.

No Trade Pick since I only got halfway through JEW GANGSTER A FATHERS ADMONITION HC. Black and white Kubert is always great to look at, but it's little more (arguably less, in fact) than an E.C. crime story with the second person captions removed.

And you? Since I have no idea if anyone else is going to be chiming in, feel free to use the thread for your reviews.