Introduction; a picture of David Bowie by Ross Campbell

Hi everybody! My name is Sean T. Collins and I am now a Savage Critic. Neat, huh? Whilst I gear up for my actual debut as a Critic here, I figured I'd let you know a bit about myself, and then bribe you with something pretty so that you'll like me. INTRODUCTION

For a very long time I've been blogging at Attentiondeficitdisorderly Too Flat, mostly about comics, also about horror, also also about other pop-cultural phenomena I enjoy. I like to consider it the Internet's premier one-stop shop for links to Anders Nilsen's sketchbook, quotes from Clive Barker, and news about sea monsters. You may also have seen me writing about similar things for Maxim, The Comics Journal, ToyFare, The Comics Reporter, and Comic Book Resources, to name a few of my more recent freelance outlets, and I worked for Wizard for several years too, but the blog is probably the best way to get a sense of what I'm about.

In addition to writing about comics, I've actually written some myself, too. You can buy a minicomic called Murder that contains several of them for three measly American dollars; you can read a bunch of them at Top Shelf 2.0 for no money whatsoever. A bargain at any price, I tell you.

Okay, now the bribe portion of the post.


I like David Bowie a lot, and so when the time came to put together a themed convention sketchbook, rather than select Yoda or Lockjaw or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I picked him. Ross Campbell, writer/artist of Wet Moon, Water Baby, and The Abandoned, is my latest addition.

david bowie by ross campbell

I was very, very excited to get a Bowie sketch from Ross at New York Comic Con, but not having anticipated the demand for sketching, he didn't bring a pencil. I loaned him my pen, and he was concerned about not being able to make a mistake, but drew this anyway. It was done entirely without photo reference, which amazes me--he NAILED that Labyrinth hairstyle. As you can see, he wasn't happy with the hand, but he's being entirely too hard on himself.

Hope you liked it, hope you like me. See you on the site!