In Which I Pay Attention To The Art, For A Second

Not a review per se, but I'm curious - Does anyone else who's read THE FLASH #1 think that Francis Manapul's art - which I genuinely adore, even as I remain convinced that he's the wrong artist for this particular book* - is oddly reminiscent of Fabio Moon's at times in this issue? I mean that as a compliment, because I'm a fan of Moon's also, but... it strikes me as a really interesting direction for a superhero artist, particularly one who's quickly becoming one of DC's more high profile ones. It's the quality of the line as much as anything, but there's also a slight sense of exaggeration to the figures that reminds me of Ba's work, as well. Am I insane? For illustration purposes (and sorry for the crappy quality of the scans; if nothing else, I'm outing myself as someone who'd be a terrible comic scanner for torrent purposes), here's some Manapul from The Flash:

And here's some Ba, from a recent Daytripper (which you are all reading, right?):

Ehhh, maybe it's just me. But what do you think?

(* And as to why I think Manapul's art is wrong for the Flash - I'm from the Carmine Infantino school of Flash iconography, which was much cleaner, harder-edged and modern than the - very pleasurable - watercolor effect and softness that makes Manapul's work so interesting these days. But Manapul doesn't seem hard or fast enough, if that makes any sense.)