Hibbs Burbles on

A few quick hits: SUB-MARINER #1: I like the old school logo. I find it funny that he looks like Black Adam on the interior. It opens at the end (I think), and another town full of people is killed, and there's a lot of posturing about Atlantis/Human politics, and have I told you how bored I get by anything involving Atlantis? It also has just about the most boring last page I've ever seen in my life. Thank god it is just a mini. EH.

GREEN ARROW #75: I also dislike "Will you marry me?" cliffhangers that then promise to resolve somewhere else. It worked oh so well for the Dick/Babs thing, didn't it? Other than that, this is basically fine -- the Deus Ex Machina towards the end largely feels organic, and Deathstroke actually feels competent for a change, so, yeah, an easy OK.

NOVA #3: Definitely my favorite "Initiative" crossover yet -- there's well rounded motivations at play, and just the right blend of action and pathos. While I'm not so sure I'll care any more once we get back out into space, these last two issues have been really terrific, and if you're looking for solid superhero action and characterization, this is certainly a book to watch. VERY GOOD.

WORLD WAR HULK #1: I quibble with a few things: a) how is Jen She-Hulk again? Did I miss something? Is it just because SH's own book is about a month off publication schedule? b) We didn't get to see the fight between BB & Hulk (especially after that "I want to hear you scream!" line), just the resolution. But there's no clarity as to what happened after that. Did he kill BB? Throw him in prison? Just walk away laughing "See, told you!", or what? c) I really wanted to see Hulk rip off Stark's head and shit down the stump. Could just be me, however. Despite those quibbles? Yeah, just what I wanted from a big crossover thingy -- punching and shouting and hitting. But I want to see the RESOLUTIONS as well.Still, for the nonce, I'll go with VERY GOOD.

What did YOU think?