Don't just succumb to the wishes of your brothers: A quick look at Wonder Woman #10.

WONDER WOMAN #10: Poor Jodi Picoult. I know that her run hasn't been met with anything resembling critical acclaim, but holy crap, was she given a pretty shitty set of circumstances to work in. First off, she ends up having two fill-in artists within her five issue run, and then a crossover comes in midway through her run completely derailing anything close to whatever coherent story she was attempting to write - The fact that her final issue on the book offers no sense of resolution (and, in fact, ends with a cliffhanger that I honestly have no idea in which book it'll be followed up on - Here or Amazons Attack? Or neither?) just kind of offers a perfectly scale model of why Picoult was pretty much screwed on this gig no matter how great her writing was. Way to go, DC. Your first female writer on Wonder Woman's solo book, and you made sure that she had a completely unsuccessful run that you're still putting out as an expensive hardcover collection with her name in big letters on the cover to try and convince people to buy it nonetheless. "Sigh," as they say.

This issue is pretty much Crap, for multiple reasons, almost none of which have anything to do with the talents of any of the creators involved. Because of what the editorial powers-that-be at DC want, pretty much nothing actually happens in this issue, with the one plot development managing to be undone in the issue of Amazons Attack! that also shipped this week (which, to be complete, is Eh, and equal filler. But at least it's the middle of a run), and the feeling of "who cares?" pretty much dominates the entire experience (DC definitely doesn't seem to).

Poor Jodi Picoult. Gail Simone, I hope you get better treatment.