Curse Sir Walter Raliegh: Hibbs is sooooo tired

Books showed up about 90 minutes late, so there goes my sched for the night. The worst part is I ended up getting so hungry that I ran out to get a sandwich while waiting for the truck. The INSTANT they finish making it? The truck shows. Mmmm, cold submarine, YUCK

I know I should say more, but I want to stop thinking about comics right now, so just one book from last week:

AUTHORITY #2: This COULD be awesome, but, I swear, since they didn't show up at La Jolla, looking for Jim, and find out that the Cosmic Treadmill got moved for some reason (its not like Julie's gonna be using it any longer), I lost all interest in this Earth-Prime story... I want to see Scott Dunbier get super-powers like Cary Bates did, damnit...EH.