Counting Hits, Living Crits: Jeff With a Few More 3/28 Reviews

Mentioned work was a big nightmarish, yeah? SENSATIONAL SPIDER-MAN #36: Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa's first few issues really underwhelmed me, but I thought I'd pick this up to see how it's been since. I think the hook for this--a mysterious scientist is picking up orphaned youth and giving them spider powers to see just how anomalous Peter Parker is--was both kinda interesting and charmingly goofy (and the ultimate identity of the mysterious scientist successfully upped the interest and the goofiness). Despite the book's title, it's not really sensational, but it was surprisingly solid, highly OK, and I'll make it a point to check out next issue.

SUPERMAN CONFIDENTIAL #4: Felt kinda dashed-off to me--particularly in Sale's art, which is frequently blocky (but rarely this clumsy), but also in Cooke's script, which just hasn't wowed me here. It's on time (I... think?) and not a fill-in, however, which is more than you can say for the other Super-books. Deeply Eh, if you ask me.

ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR #40: God, it's kind of embarrassing to admit that I was enjoying this book more when Mark Millar was breaking out his usual big moment, comic-book-equivalent-of-power-chords shtick than when Mike Carey whips up intelligent, yet turgid, reinventions of minor FF villains but, to be honest, yeah, I think I did. I don't know if there's some verbal/visual blend that's off, or a mismatch in the creative team, or what, but the first five pages of every issue since Carey has taken over feel like a chore to read. Or maybe it's that the most dynamic interpretation of Diablo is still, let's face it, Diablo. Whatever it is, I found this sadly Eh.

ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #107: A really enjoyable little issue, as Bendis manages to skip all the expected high school drama from the Kitty-Peter showdown but still manages to make it dramatically interesting, and gives us a nifty, potentially complex set-up for a Kingpin story. Another really Good issue and seems like it's back on the rails for good (by which I mean, until the next time Bendis takes on too many assignments or something).

More tomorrow, and hopefully work won't feel like an elephnat standing squarely on my forehead by then.