Choose Your Own Review Adventure, Or Something

Here's an idea that may seem like a ridiculously bad one in, oh, two seconds or so. But when has that stopped me before? I'm a big fan of the Multnomah County Library, here in Portland. It's a great library set-up, with an amazing selection of books, zines and comics to choose from (Something that I like to make Jeff Lester jealous of whenever possible) and, through the library, I've managed to catch up on all manner of comics I'd never quite gotten around to reading first time out. So, there I was this morning, looking to order some new books, and I thought: What would Savage Critic readers want me to review? Hence, this potentially bad idea: Go look at the selection the Multnomah library has, then tell me what you'd like me to read and write about here at SavCritics. You can leave suggestions in comments below, or if you're more shy, email me at Graeme at Savage Critic dot com. Who says this isn't the era of interactive comic review websiting?