Bye bye Johnny!

No time for this, but since it seems like everyone else is busier than me (ha, not possible, except maybe for Graeme, but that's his news, not mine), let me get in for at least one book from this week...

ULTIMATUM #1: Well, you have to give them points for actually DOING something -- there are several significant deaths here -- at least as significant as not the "real" Marvel U can be; and we're assuming there won't be any tap-backs on this. But, on reading this, I WAS genuinely surprised about what was going on, which is way way more than one normally expects from a superhero comic.

The big problem is there isn't a lot of story here -- despite the opening pathos of the proposal, there's lots of incident, but not actual story, to my mind.

Actually the BIG problem is that David Finch isn't really very good at storytelling -- I had to flip back and forth a few times to follow the events, and his use of space is really awkward. For example, New York is mostly underwater, including several far-above-ground rooms in high rises, but then the subway car holding the actually popular characters just gets lashed by what looks to be a little rain. Or the sequence where Sue pushes away the flood waters... how does that work exactly on that scope, and without knocking over buildings?

A high GOOD for concept, a mediocre EH for execution.

What did YOU think?