Believe it or not, it's still last week: Graeme does the end of 7/11.

Day two in the Big Brother House, and we're all still settling in and trying to work out who gets the big bedroom and who has to sleep on the couch (Jeff, I'm looking at you for that last part). But while we're sorting things out, why not look at everything else that I read from last week?

COUNTDOWN #42: Worth mentioning for two reasons only, as all the usual complaints about the scattered and uninvolving writing still apply: Firstly, artist Carlos Magno really needs to look at human proportions just a little bit more (The opening double-page spread could easily see the book renamed "Attack of the Tiny-Headed People", and he also clearly enjoys Holly Robinson's breasts), and secondly: Did they really color Ryan Choi with bright yellow skin? Considering how many colors are available in modern comic book printing, that is both really surprising and kind of offensive. Seriously, what were the editors thinking when they let that through? This continues to be Crap.

JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA #7: The best part of this otherwise Eh issue (I really don't know why superpowered neo-Nazis bore me, but they have done so far in this book's run) is seeing Hawkman wear his Hawk-helmet under his metalwelding mask: There's something dumb and fun about that that just seems wrong in the best way possible. Otherwise, I'm wondering where the momentum of the first few issues of the series went; did the JLA crossover just kill it, or am I just jaded...?

THE NEW AVENGERS #32: Amazingly, more than half this book feels like filler - Did we really need eight nearly-dialogueless pages of the plane about to crash, followed by four more nearly-dialogueless pages of what happens afterwards? - which completely ruins the impressive and chatty opening of the book, which manages to ramp up the paranoia of the Invasion of The Body Snatchers-esque Skrull plot and made you think, momentarily, that perhaps they knew what they were doing. Considering how light the last issue felt, I almost wonder if there was a last minute decision to split one issue into two (perhaps in order to let Mighty Avengers catch up? Has #4 of that even shipped?)... Either way, another depressingly Eh issue of what was, for awhile, a lot better.

PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL #9: Wait, did Frank just kill that woman? Even the "you're bathed in Hate Rays" excuse still didn't prepare me for that, and it's something that I weirdly have a problem with for reasons that I'm not sure of... It's not as if I think that the Punisher shouldn't kill people, but... I don't know. I'm still with the book, but beginning to feel impatient with this pace of this particular storyline. Okay, I guess.

SUPERMAN #664: Kurt Busiek's run on the book continues to offer unexpected challenges to the Man of Steel - After attacking his sense of doing what's right, now we're seeing his public standing being tackled. As much as this storyline, too, feels as if it's starting to drag (Maybe because it's also seeming shapeless right now? What with the introduction of a Federal task force with the mission to take care of Crazy Superman, as well the New God Kids hanging around, and the mysterious nature of Arion, it feels as if too much is happening, almost), there's still enough of interest here for this to continue to be a low Good.

VOODOO CHILD #1: Mike Carey, I continue to be impressed with the breadth of subject matter in your work, but there's very little else appealing in this new book based on ideas provided by Nicholas Cage and his kid. If you're looking for something that reads like a cross between a Vertigo book and an Avatar one starring Chris Claremont's Gambit, then this is for you, but I don't know how large that target market is really likely to be, to be honest. Awful, then.

WORLD WAR HULK: GAMMA CORPS #1: Wow, it's Sentinel Squad ONE, or whatever that pointless spin-off from Decimation was called - Another group of governmental nobodies put together to deal with a super-threat. And, unless something major is going to happen in the next few issues, this series will be as quickly forgotten as the Sentinel Squad's was. A cash-in carried out with the opposite of verve and style. Truly Crap.

And because Hibbs asked - Yes, it was me that fixed the little icons at the start of the posts, and they're handcoded in there. It's an easy enough piece of HTML, so there y'go. Kate, meanwhile, can be smug that people want them in color, because she was arguing for that in the first place, while I was all "No, line art will be fine." You kids with your opinions, I don't know...