And this makes 7 of 7.

I'm extremely frickin' bushed today -- I woke up feeling tired, and never got back on track. ANd we get our comics on Tuesdays, so I'm doubly tired from messing with all of those massive massive piles of double-sized funny books. And so, I don't really feel like tackling the rest of last week's comics -- I've already started reading this week's!!

But.... some reviews, I guess. FirstSecond has been kind enough (about, uh, 3 weeks ago) to send me advance copies of thier next batch of books, so let's justify thier expense, shall we?

GARAGE BAND: Really fabulous looking book, and absolutely engaging as I was reading it. Then I hit the last page, and it just kind of stopped with no real sense of conclusion. I don't know if there's meant to be a second volume or something, but I was ultimately disapointed with this as a "read". Gipi's art is really kick-ass, however, and it's absolutely worth a look when it comes into your LCS. Up until the last page, an easy GOOD. But, here six hours later, now that I've digested it, the sudden stop makes me feel like just an EH.

TINY TYRANT: I didn't bother to read SARDINE IN OUTER SPACE v3, because I didn't much care for v1 & v2, but this one's a solid book that's a lot of fun for both kids AND adults. The art is nice, kind of looking a bit like "Fairly Odd Parents", but with much more detail and texture, and there's some wonderful subtext going on in most pages. I've only read about 1/3 of this, but since it's just non-continuing vignettes (of a child king, and the adults that cater to him), there's no sense that it has to "end" well or not. Anyway, really terrific, and I thought it was VERY GOOD.

THE PROFESSOR'S DAUGHTER: the real gem of the batch. A reborn Mummy, and the daughter of the Professor (duh) who found him, during Victorian England. It's funny, strange, romantic, and more than anything else, human. Truly EXCELLENT material, and the one you really NEED to track down once it ships.

Anyway, that's what I got for you. Time to put Ben to bed, then lay down with this headache and try to read some post-CIVIL WAR comics (wait, THAT won't help, will it?!?!?)

Oh, and THANK YOU for the VERY thoughtful comments on the digital comics thread -- I'm still trying to digest them all, but I was truly impressed by the care and thought that everyone put into thier comments. Keep it up!