a comic or two from 9/15

Monday I had to write TILTING, Tuesday I was pulling comics at the store' Wednesday I had to assemble a Cost-Plus armoire with instructions that evidentally were translated from english to korean and back again (5 hours, it took me to make the thing!)... and today Jeff got me the new comics and Fanboy Rampage early, so I was doing ONOMATOPOEIA.... So, that's why thing have been quiet around here lately.

Going to briefly touch on a few new comics:

HAWKMAN #32: Ray Palmer uses the phrases "blog" twice -- that term, of course, means "Web Log". I kinda have to beleive that the JLA isn't allowed to just post classified information at thier discretion to the web, right? otherwise a slightly-retro one-off story that was fun enough. OK

JLA SECRET FILES 2004: The lead story was pretty meh (Much easier to assign it to "comic logic" then to actually try to EXPLAIN Wally being in two places, with two costumes at the same time), but I quite liked Busiek and Garney's intro-to-the-next-arc story with the Crime Syndicate. Especially fun was seeing the "good guys" flashback. Let's call it a Good

STRANGE #1: JM Straczynski's long-promised Dr. Strange mini is here. Me, I kinda shrugged -- there's lots of trying to show Stephen as redeemable before the fact, and that he's basically a nice guy, and I'm not sure that I like that at all. Part of the power, to me, of the original origin was "This guy is a fucking jerk, but he is transformed by his situation" -- much like Han not shooting first, I think this does some harm to the character. THat's a fairly minor quibble though, otherwise, I thought this was OK.

MADROX #1: Liked this quite a bit -- somewhat of a "can go home again" feeling. Thumbs up, and a Good.

*sigh* out of time. PLus tonight I have a focus group thingy ($100 is $100), and Survivor and Apprentice are on, and, geez, it looks like City of Heroes released issue #2, so there goes a lot of my free time...

I'll try really hard to come back with more tomorrow, but no promises...