10/26 Comments from Hibbs

Don't have time to do anything like a full review column this week -- it was order form week, and I had to prep the November subs list, and, of course, Halloween and taking Ben out sucked up all my time this week, but I think I can pull off a summary style thing, like Jeff did. PICK OF THE WEEK: Just like Lester, I thought Mike Allred's SOLO #7 was the hands-down winner of the week: Fun, charming, thoughtful, and joyous. What more could you want from a comic book, really? Top notch, fully EXCELLENT work, and why I love comics.

PICK OF THE WEAK: I thought this week's weakest book was FLASH #227 -- any book that opens with a dream sequence is almost always a dreadful mistake, and the whole issue just felt like a time filler until they figure out who is actually writing the book in the long run. Bored bored bored. This issue was AWFUL.

JSA CLASSIFIED #4 almost made the top honor, because there wasn't any "story" there at all -- just some info dump, then the book just.... stopped. Ah, but the Amanda Conner artwork was a joy to look at, wasn't it? OK

I was also really disapointed with PARIS #1 because the art just wasn't up to capturing the art of the period. I thought it was a very odd choice to overship this issue by 200% when it was so weak. A really really low EH, and a clear case of reach exceeding grasp.

I also was deeply disapointed that YOUNG AVENGERS #8 reduced the black character to a liar and a junkie and a thief. Jeff opined in the store "Well, would you rather it be one of the women, or the gay characters?" and, hm, had to think about that for a minute. But... yes. Also a deeply low EH, which is sad for a book that started so very strong.

TP/GN OF THE WEEK: Nothing really leapt out and throttled me with greatness in the book department this week. I thought NIGHT FISHER to be an OK debut, but not the second coming that some people have suggested.

I picked up the HC of TRAILERS from NBM, and paged through it -- looks terrif, though I haven't actually READ it yet, so I can't say for sure.

So, let's go with the much-better priced IDW publishing SC of Richard Matheson's I AM LEGEND. Terrific art, and a solid adaptation, though the final act is pretty weak, really.

A "real" column next week... and hopefully some news? We'll see....

What, if anything, did YOU think?