Why I love Free Comic Book Day

The OVERWHELMING majority of people coming in are incredibly fuckin' cool -- they're not greedy, they only take stuff the actual want (as opposed to it being free), they're excited and HAPPY, and most of them actually purchase something as well, without any prompting whatsoever.

So so many kids coming in with their families -- and that's thirty-TWO flavors of awesome!

Sure, there's always a couple of greedy dicks (check around the net, you'll find at least one or two blogging their dickishness), or people who just don't "get" the idea of FCBD, but they're the clear minority.

We had a GREAT day of sales (about 160% of Wednesday, w00t!), made tons and tons of people happy, and did it, best yet, with literally no promotion other than putting a sign in the window.

Joe Field of Flying Colors Comics in Concord should be Sainted -- I swear the event gets better each year!