Why Are People Grudgeful?

Joe Quesada, why don't you try and sell me on this Moon Knight revamp that you're doing? "I obviously wasn’t here when Moon Knight came into inception, but I’ve always heard that he was created to sort of be Marvel’s Batman. Now while I can see the similarities with Moon Knight of the past, this incarnation is pretty hardcore. Yes, he has just as cool a cape and his hood is pretty sweet, but this Moon Knight is kind of the character you wish Batman can be in many ways. This Moon Knight would never just jail the Joker in order for him to go on another mass murder spree just to jail him again. If this Moon Knight were confronted with that kind of problem, he would dispose of the villain and in the most heinous way possible. Trust me there’s a scene in the first issue in which he deals with a villain in a way I’ve never seen before. Totally hardcore."

Oh. So he's a psychopathic Batman clone. Sorry, I mean "hardcore" Batman. Um. Great. That's exactly what the world needed. Still, I guess Joe has to be excited about something now that Stephen King has pushed the Dark Tower comic back 10 months and Bill Jemas has returned to comics publishing.

Meanwhile, the comics internet has found itself polarized by Larry Young's latest column, about comics criticism. As ever, there is fine discussion to be found at The Engine on this very subject, with Tom Spurgeon and Larry's conversation being worth a look in particular, while Johanna takes a different tack to responding, including a link to some interesting (which learned readers should realize is a euphemism for something less pleasant) persons with interesting (there I go again) perspectives on the whole affair.

Why must people be such "hata"s, I ask myself reading that last link, especially when they could be anticipating Scott McCloud's latest magnum opus instead. Or even arguing over whether Batman is guilty of the creation of the OMACs, and therefore the derailing of Wonder Woman and half of DC's line of books. Hell, they could even prepare for the horrifically named The ICv2 Graphic Novel Conference: Manga and Anime, Movie Superheroes and Anti-Heroes, and the New Literature that's happening in New York next February if they were really bored. But, no. It's all about taking other people off comp lists and wanting to fuck Warren Ellis.

You know what? I bet they're the kind of people who want a hardcore Batman. Bastards.

(Meanwhile, Brian and Jeff are reviewing below, so go and read them. Alternatively, join the Comic Book Legal Defence Fund and become part of the Second Annual CBLDF Fund Drive.)