Want to see BATMAN BEGINS for free?

We duly handled our first batch of tickets for Tuesday's showing as the promotions compnay asked us to... but today we got in multiple envelopes of tickets for a showing on MONDAY JUNE 13th at 7:30 PM (at the Metreon), and we have no instructions on these. Therefore, I exercise executive privilege, and will give first crack to those of you reading this website.

Here's what you have to do: come into the store while *I* am working (Friday 2-7, Saturday 2-4 or thereabouts) and ask *me* for one. DO NOT ask Rob or Jeff about them, that will get you automagically disqualified.

Now I will probably ask you a question or two to prove you actually READ this blog, and you aren't just some guy, but other than that, that's that -- no purchase necessary and all of that jazz.

I've got maybe 10 passes left, and they're (unlikely most passes) "admit ONE" -- I will strictly only be giving out 1 per person, so factor that in your calculations.

Hopefully we'll see you tomorrow or Saturday, and we can talk funny books!